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Was the reply I gave to a classmate yesterday to the question of "What year are you?"  It's sort of weird being, in essence, a freshman again.  I'm taking the Calculus for People Who Won't Ever Use It class as a gentle math review and Intro to Microeconomics.  I think the last was a mistake.  I should've tried to get the 200 level class.  Oh well, the idea was to try out some things without taxing myself.  The idea, especially with Econ, was to see if this is what I want to study.  After listening to the profs uninspiring intro, I think the answer is yes.  So, when we get to UCLA, I'm going to take classes on Michelle's benefits again only at a higher level.  The weird part is being a Freshman at a conventional university.  I definitely made the right decision all those years ago to attend Evergreen.  My experience so far is that college is like high school, but even more banal.  Evergreen was totally different.  It was like a graduate program that gave you a bachelor's degree.  UToledo is four more years of high school.  Everyone here is simply taking care of business.  No one seems to actually be interested in the subject, they just want to get through it.  This attitude is something that really makes me question how we do higher education.  I'm sort of doing the taking care of business thing since I want to study at the intersection of Psychology, Sociology and Economics, what some call Behavior Economics, Computational Sociology or even Systems Sociology.  In order to get there, i have to get a grounding in the traditional, foundational topics in the field.  However, one thing I have learned over the years is that the journey is way more important than destination and you should really take the time to see where you are at every point along the journey because the sights are interesting.

In other news, my cat has a bald patch.  Sigmund missed a jump, banged his head and it got infected.  The vet took care of everything, but they had to shave his head.  Bald cats, even partially bald ones, don't look right.
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