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Birthdate:Nov 2
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
The enigma, the myth, the legend, the man: Alexendrei M. Dagoski... Who is he? You see his shadowy form materialize in the snow laden winds of a Moscow winter. You see him on the beaches of LA, disappearing into the whitewash of a breaking wave. He stalks the streets of Philly looking for cheessteak satori. All this is really just a fancy way of saying "I feel like being opaque today." I'm actually a computer geek, library science student graduate and wannabe hack writer who's led an accidentally interesting life. For more, tune into my live journal. I may even write in it from time to time.

All entries are © Alexendrei M. Dagoski unless otherwise noted. if you cite me on your class paper, give credit where it's due. Otherwise it is plagarism.

Quick note on the typos you will frequently see. 1)I use three or more keyboards durning my average working day and I have trouble shifting gears between them. 2)I think way faster than I type. 3)I have a pretty bad case of eczema which often leaves me fingers cracked and inflamed. This reduces the overall mobility of my hands and makes it hard for me to type. 4)I also often have a gray tabby passed out on my right hand when I sit down to type. You can see why I might have trouble typing.

Interests (5):

fnord, general systems theory, good, human use of human beings, starship troopers
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